Rialto Newmarket
Tue 10 April, 4.00 pm
Wed 11 April, 8.40 pm

Wed 18 April, 3.45 pm
Sat 21 April, 8.15 pm

Regent Theatre
Thu 26 April, 3.30 pm
Thu 26 April, 8.30 pm

Hollywood 3
Tue 1 May, 3.45 pm
Tue 1 May, 8.15 pm

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Dominating local box office and award ceremonies alike, this pumeling big-budget Korean Platoon takes a sharply cynical grunt’s eye view of the war betwen North and South.

“A finely-crafted war film with a strong, dramatic thrust… The Front Line depicts the bitter struggle between North and South to gain foothold of a hill at the tail-end of the 1950s civil war. Jang Hun’s even-handed direction and Park Sang-yeon’s traditional but finely-tuned screenplay instil the right measure of humanist anti-war sentiment and personal heroism, turning the fates of a small company of men confined to one hellish location into an exposé of how impersonal military operations literally make mountains out of molehills.” — Maggie Lee, Hollywood Reporter

“A classically hellish picture of front-line warfare that turns several of the clichés of war movies inside-out… Jang Hun here hits the premier rank of Korean directors.” — Tony Rayns, Vancouver International Film Festival


Korea | 2011 | 133 mins
Director: Jang Hun
Producers: Lee Woo-jung, Kim
Screenplay: Park Sang-yeon
Photography: Kim Woo-hyung
Editors: Kim Sang-beom, Kim
Music: Jang Young-gyu, Dalparan
With: Shin Ha-kyun, Ko Soo, Lee Je-hoon, Ryu Seung-soo, Ko Chang-seok, David Lee, Ryoo Seung-young, Kim Ok-vin, Cho Jin-woong
In Korean and English, with English

Festivals: Busan, Vancouver 2011

Censors rating: R16 graphic & realistic war scenes